How to heal your skin by going RAW

2 Aug

roxanne on raw
I have personally had issues with my skin since I was about 13. I didn’t change anything about my life style, I thought that breaking out was normal because my body was going through teenage puberty. When I hit 16 and I was still dealing with acne on my face, I started to wonder what was REALLY going on. I even decided to stop eating pizza for a while to see if it made a difference. It didn’t make a difference. At some point soon after, I went to the dermatologist. He told me that what I ate did not effect my skin. He never really explained why my skin broke out but prescribed me to a few medications, some topical and some pills too. It seemed to be helping until I noticed that my teach became very weak and sensitive. I told the doctor about it and he was very surprised but prescribed me to something else which had other side effects. I eventually got onto a medication that was usually prescribed for inflammation and ovarian cysts. This one seemed to help the most and for the next 2 years, my skin was better but my appetite diminished. I hardly ate any food, people started to think I had an eating disorder. I kept trying to tell people that I just wasn’t hungry and I wasn’t going to force my self to eat. For some reason after about 2 years on this medication, I just decided to stop taking pills all together. I started running 5 miles a day and I wanted to go the natural route. I began having some serious pain in my abdomen as I was running longer distances. It got to the point I could hardly walk. I went to the doctor thinking my appendix was about to burst, and found out through an ultrasound that I had an ovarian cyst. So the doctor put me back on the medication I was taking for my acne and the pain went away. My skin was okay during this time but it definitely wasn’t perfect. A few months later, the doctor decided to put me on birth control to see if that would help take away the cyst. I stopped taking the ovary medicine and started on birth control and all of a sudden I was over taken with hunger pains. I would eat 3 full meals and still feel an empty pit in my stomach. I had forgotten what it was like to be hungry. After only 2 weeks, I stopped taking birth control and decided I was done with pills and ready to heal naturally or supernaturally. My skin started getting bad again and I even started breaking out on my back and chest.

After I graduated college, I did some traveling around the US and then moved back to South Africa. I had been doing different detoxes up until now, which actually made my skin worse. A dear friend named Lizzy came to visit me for 4 months and she inspired me to start my health journey. We did a special fast called the Masters Cleanse where you only consume lemon, cayenne pepper, maple syrup and water. I lasted 5 days on the cleanse and I realized my skin had almost completely cleared up. I binged the first day back on food with soy products, nuts, fruit, and soup. A few days later, my skin broke out again, but this time even worse. At this point I knew that my nutrition and my skin had a definite connection.

A few months later I decided to go on a 100% raw diet. I did smoothies, juices, and salads for almost 1 month. My skin completely cleared up and everyone noticed. It was glowing and I felt amazing in everyway!!

If you have issues with your skin in any way, please try going raw for a week or a month if you can, and see the results. And then, slowly introduce certain foods back into your diet and see what effects your skin. This worked for me and it may be the answer to your skin problems.

Clean out the inside, and the outside will reflect the purity!

Peace and love to all!



One Response to “How to heal your skin by going RAW”

  1. truerebelsgoraw August 10, 2013 at 6:29 pm #

    The main reason why we have skin problems is because our bodies ability to eliminate toxins efficiently has been compromised by a toxin overload. The liver, bladder, kidneys, bowels, and skin are the main organs that help us continually detoxify. If any of our internal organs are backed up or not functionally properly, then there will be extra work for our remaining organs. Your skin may be trying to tell you something happening deep down and until you detoxify those important organs, your skin will continue to have issues.

    “Skin Health: If elimination of any of the primary organs is not adequate, the skin is often the overflow route. Therefore assessing someone’s skin health gives information about all of the primary routes of elimination. Soft, clear and well hydrated skin is a sign of proper elimination. Adequate sweating when necessary and not overly oily skin are signs of good skin elimination. Acne, eczema, dry skin, oily skin etc. are all indication that poor elimination of toxins is occurring to one of the primary routes of elimination. ”

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