OnenessI’ve spent the last few years of my life wondering what I can do to bring some positive change to this world.  The most important thing I have learned through my experiences is that LOVE is the most amazing powerful force in the entire multi-verse.  To me, love is allowing every living being the freedom to be exactly what they were created to be.  And human beings were created to be perfect, peaceful, powerful, healthy, happy, harmonious, and co-creators with all of creation.  Everything we do, say, think, imagine and feel, effects every single atom in the entire world and beyond.  I have just started to understand that we are one.  United with the trees, animals, mountains, sky, water, bacteria, air, and God.  This is a beautiful concept when you really start to think grasp it. But its not just a concept, it’s the truth, and it doesn’t only change your life, it changes every single thing down to the little strings that make up atoms. The biggest lie many come to believe is that we are separated, which leads to isolation, loneliness and fear. But all of these are false perceptions that take us away from the reality of pure love which brings freedom in every way. Take a breath right now and feel yourself living in this very moment, the present Presence.

Lets get “realistic”.  We live in a world that is run by an energy we call “money”. And I wish that right now I was ready to ditch this whole monetary system and just live off the land. But the fact is that I’m not ready for that sort of rebellion.  We have been taught to depend on all these “normal” societal creations like the grocery store, tap water, health insurance, microwaves, and many more conveniences.  We feel blessed when we somehow obtain all these things that just make life more “livable”.  So where do we start to begin to breakdown all these misconceptions, that have turned into physical manifestations that are not so beneficial to this beautiful world we claim as our own?

There are international companies that are now more powerful than entire countries. And how did they get so powerful? We voted for them.  Every time we purchased a Coca-Cola, a bottled water, a fried chicken sandwich, a health insurance plan, a cool new car, we supported a corporation whose intentions were unknown.  And over time, certain companies have infiltrated even the government to make sure that profit is the main priority and only a few individuals benefit from the success.  It’s time to take personal responsibly.  We as a modern people have been part of creating these all too powerful entities, and we can be part of creating new endeavors that have the greater good as the forefront of the mission.

A real start to true change: Start using the money you acquire to support people and companies that actually care about you.

Slowly but surely, your conscience will heal, your body will heal, your mind will heal, and our world will heal as well. It is very challenging to help people when you are physically, mentally or spiritually sick, so love others as you love YOURSELF by getting healthy.

If you want to be a true rebel and bring some real change, hit them where it hurts the most, their pockets!  If everyone in the world ate only raw local food for even just 1 week, the whole “system” would feel the impact.  Everyone wins.

And this is what True Rebels Go Raw is all about! Join the REBELution and YOU will make a positive impact on EVERYTHING!

Support companies that provide pure products. Boycott companies that don’t.


One Response to “RAW CHANGE”

  1. Drew kilberg March 1, 2014 at 12:42 am #

    I am inspired and energized by your words.
    Lead on!

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