New Milestones! Day 25 and Feeling so ALIVE!

26 Jan

Beautiful words from a juicey lady!

Pure Love Living


double rainbow

And the feast continues! Honestly I didn’t think I’d make it this far. Juicing has become my lifestyle…its what I do. :0) Last blog I wrote was on day 11, and honestly so much has changed since. I overcame the big milestone of 21 days. That’s important because 21 days is a very common length of time for fasting/feasting/cleansing. If that would have been my last day, I would have been disappointed. This juice feasting extravaganza has been amazing, and I am so not ready to end it. Let me fill you guys in on how its going:

Bowel movements: (Because I know you are biting your fingernails for this info) For one they have slowed down significantly since day 11. Usually I have one small, solid bowel movement every other to every day. Typically the stools are dark and comprised of harder pieces of fecal matter on the outsides…

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