Nutrients vs Antinutrients

23 Nov

When it really comes down to it, food equals energy.  We put food into our mouth assuming we are receiving energy and some sort of nutrient content so we can be healthy human beings.  There are many foods that exist that do have nutrients and energy but more times than not, we arn’t getting a majority of the nutrients because the digestion process is hindered in some way.  If our system is backed up in any way, substances can have a hard time getting through the digestive tract and not getting properly absorbed..  Certain foods can be very hard to digest, for example, processed meat, cheese, anything fried with oil, or processed foods with chemicals.  If we eat a huge meal that contains a variety of food like a hamburger with organic meat, wheat bread, cheese, mayo, fries, lettuce, tomato ect, it puts such a strain on our stomach that most of the particles don’t get broken down enough by the time they reach your small intestine.  These un-digested particles then make their way to your large intestine and end up getting stuck in your bum.  Our colon then becomes very infected, filled with mucous and putrefied pieces of food.  Your body had such a hard time getting this meal through your system, it actually took more energy to attempt to digest the food than you even received after it was all said and done. If food doesn’t give you energy than what’s the point of eating?  Digestion requires 80% of all your energy which is why you feel so exhausted after a huge dinner. You may be eating a meal with plenty of nutrients, but those become antinutrients when they hinder your digestive processes.

Eat simple. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, seeds, ect. Raw is best. Cooked food can be a lot harder to digest because you lose precious enzymes when the temperature gets too high.

Eat slow and chew everything. Digestion starts in your mouth.

Eat less and get more energy from the nutrient packed food you are consuming.

Drink lots of water. This helps the juices flow in all parts of your body.

Start thinking of food as energy and not just a taste sensation. We have become so addicted to the experience of eating, we are missing the point.

And most of all, be grateful. Thank the plants and the sun for the energy you are receiving. Thank everything.



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