Revolutionary, Civilization-Altering Announcement coming January 2014 from NaturalNews

5 Nov

 Mike Adams, journalist and founder of Natural News, will be making a “groundbreaking” announcement in the beginning of the upcoming new year. According to an article he posted today, “this announcement will rock several industries, including grocery food, fast food, dietary supplements, health care and even mental health. It will empower consumers, it will save countless lives and it will improve human civilization in a significant way. It will make the invisible visible for the first time in the history of our world.” 

Wow, this is exciting!

Mike, the Health Ranger, goes on to say “when you, as an individual, fully grasp and embrace these breakthrough findings, it will radically change your experience of life in profound ways, including physical, mental and even experiential. It will allow every person who follows a few simple principles to experience a significant leap in awareness, intelligence and creativity along with tremendous improvements in physical and mental health.”

What could this new research reveal? And why do we have to wait until January to get the beginning findings of the potentially life-altering research?

 Over the last few years of researching different aspects of genetics, I discovered science that explained how our genes are fed by light.  The reason food gives us energy is because we receive the sun light’s energy that plants absorbed while growing. Through photosynthesis, this light energy is converted into an energy source that the human body can use for nutrients.  Even when we eat animals, the nutrients we ultimately benefit from is the energy they received from the plants they ate while alive. 

A few humans have claimed that they have lived on nothing else besides the sun.  This has not been proven by science in any way up until this point. Many new age theorists believe that there is a high vibrational frequency of light that connects humans with the spiritual realm.  This light has been described as a violet flame and has been known to completely heal a person as they connect with a higher level of conscience awareness, also known as experiencing the Holy Spirit. 

I believe that this new research may be related to these concepts.  What if we only needed the sun for our nutrients? What if this new discovery showed us how to live vibrant amazing lives even while not consuming any substance into our physical bodies?

This may change everything.  Please leave comments and describe what you believe this news may be. 


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