Stock market analysts admit anti-GMO activism caused Monsanto share prices to plummet

19 Aug

“Your activism is having a direct and measurable impact on the share prices of companies like Monsanto. This is now being openly admitted by pro-Monsanto market analysts who, despite their spin, can’t deny the fact that “negative sentiment” (i.e. billions of angry people) are causing Monsanto share prices to go down and stay down:” (

“…when Monsanto slipped below its 200-day moving day average of $97.94 in late May, following the announcement of this fall’s “March Against Monsanto,” scheduled for October 12, 2013 in 250 cities and 36 countries, some analysts said that the drop was a result of the extreme negative sentiment,” reports

It continues, “…the stock never recovered and is currently trading at around $95.10 as of August 15. Some predict that momentum has weakened in the face of negative press, which continues to escalate.”

Furthermore, the explosion in consumer awareness of GMOs means that consumers are punishing any company using GMOs in their products while rewarding companies whose food products are “Non-GMO Project Verified.” Corporations that keep buying Monsanto’s GM corn are going to sooner or later be forced to switch to non-GMO corn or lose substantial market share.

“Americans are showing clear support for the Right to Choose movement by buying more of the few products that are already labeled non-GMO. Whole Foods President, A. C. Gallo told the New York Times , “We’ve seen how our customers have responded to the products we do have labeled. Some of our manufacturers say they’ve seen a 15% increase in sales of products they have labeled non-GMO.” (

And this is what TRUE REBELS GO RAW is all about! Thanks to everyone who made an impact with your free choice!

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One Response to “Stock market analysts admit anti-GMO activism caused Monsanto share prices to plummet”

  1. Blanche Huehn August 21, 2013 at 12:16 am #

    I’m from Waterloo Ontario Canada…love getting info from organizations such as yours…keep it comin’!

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