How to GENTLY transition to a HEALTHIER lifestyle

17 Jan

The first step in transitioning to a healthier lifestyle, is to begin by re-learning about our own bodies. Let go of everything you have been taught, and start over. If you only eat foods based on natural digestive processes and nutritious sustainability, you will start to experience health in a way that you never thought possible. When you dig deep, ask questions, and begin to understand the why, the entire process will not only become easier, it will bring an internal harmony that will beautifully reflect on the outside too!

A few useful tips to help you on your journey to optimum health:

1. Water : Many times when we think we feel hunger, our bodies are actually trying to tell us we desperately need water. Good, clean, pure, alkalized water. When we are a fetus in our mother’s belly, we are composed of nearly 90% water. When we get old and fat, we can get to as low as 50% water content. This may be the number 1 reason why people are sick, their bodies are thirsting for the most life giving nutrient on the earth. When you wake up in the morning, drink at least 2 glasses of water. 30 minutes before you eat, drink another 2 glasses of water. Before you go to bed, drink another 2 glasses of water. You don’t have to chug it down, enjoy it, appreciate every sip, because your emotions actually change the crystal structure of water. Love water and your body will feel the love!

2. Be gentle with yourself : Health is a process, not a 1 day detox. You spent years putting crap into your body and it may take years to get all the junk out. Dedicate 1 day a week to going raw, vegan, juicing, or just a simple water fast. You don’t have to convert to a raw diet immediately for the rest of your life. Allow as much change as you are ready for and enjoy the journey, because life is about living!

3. Real food makes real people : Eat foods that your body was always meant to eat. Read labels on food packaging and if it has some weird sounding stuff in it, then your digestive system may not be able to digest it properly and it may become toxic. Unless it says Non-GMO or 100% Organic, stay away from any products that contain corn, maize, soy, cotton seed oil, sugar, canola and be cautious of more. Buy fresh local organic produce which will benefit you and your entire community.

4. Move your body : We were made to be active and our bodies function very well when we do physical activity everyday. It is also very important that you enjoy every moment of your life so pick activities that make you happy!

5. Breathe : Take time everyday to have focused breathing. Take deep breathes and focus on what you are grateful for as you bring your body, mind and spirit back into balance.

6. Relax : As soon as you feel any temptation to stress, do not do it under any circumstance. When you stress, your body kicks into fight or fight mode, so all your blood gets rushed to you arms and legs and leaves very little blood for your organs to function. If you do this every single day, its easy to see why so many people have heart, liver, stomach, spleen and kidney problems. Even if you are in a “stressful” situation, you need blood in your brain so you can figure out how to proceed in the most effective way, take a few good breaths, relax and allow the situation to work out perfectly.

7. Eat slowly : Enjoy every bite and chew your food so it makes a smoothie in your mouth. This will help your stomach, small intestines and colon to deal with breaking down the food while turning it into nutrients and energy.

8. Listen to your body: When you begin to become aware and conscience, your body will also become more sensitive. Stay away from dairy for more than a month, than eat a cheese pizza again and you will feel the difference. If you have a food allergy then don’t eat something that your body has a negative reaction to. While detoxing, your body may still be addicted to certain things like sugar or caffeine, the faster you let go of these addictions, the quicker you will start to feel real energy.

9. Let go of all guilt : Most people do have a basic understanding of what their body needs and what they consume just to satisfy their taste buds. It’s okay to splurge because this is a process. If you eat some cake, a huge piece of steak or a Twinkie, enjoy every last bit and say “wow, this is so healthy!”. Thoughts, words, and emotions are very powerful so choose wisely the vibrations you allow out of your being.

Thanks for reading and please post any questions or comments! PEACE LOVE AND ABUNDANCE!


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