Summer vibes, lathering up with coconut oil!

6 Jun

I have been obsessed with coconut oil for a few years now and it all started in Costa Rica. I drank my first real baby coconut which tasted like mother nature’s breast milk. I sucked down that creamy milk so quick I felt the nutrients immediately. I even tried to live on coconuts for a whole week!  The smell of coconut oil reminds me of summer!  This last winter in Colorado was one of the hardest winters of my life so I decided to move to the beach asap!  Now I am here at the beach, lathering up in organic coconut oil every day!  Some people may think that it’s not enough to actually protect your skin from the sun, but in fact coconut oil is SPF 7.   I made a Youtube video of me lathering up in my favorite oil! Make sure you get organic cold pressed coconut oil, your skin is important and you should only buy the best stuff for your body. I think I get more Omega 3 oils from putting coconut oil on my skin as appose to eating it. When you eat any kind of oil or food, your liver has to process it and many people have over worked their liver. Make it easier for your body by healing through your skin!  My skin glows when I lather up in coconut oil, jump in the ocean and spend time in the sun. The combination between the sun, the salt and the oil heals my skin quickly! check out my Youtube channel True Rebels Go Raw for more information about coconut oil and other health related topics!  Thanks for reading, Ill be back soon!  I’m heading to the beach!

How to Use Coconut oil for sun protection

Ways to help yourself every day

26 Aug

So much change happening! Do you feel it?

I’m all dived in and ready for anything.  As much as I love helping people and being the best person I can be, it’s time to focus everything on me.  I have spent a few years trying to figure out how to love my self and what this whole self care thing is all about.  I’m at the point where I have no choice but to set priorities and actually do what I say.  Here’s a few ways that help me feel better, look better and help me deal with this crazy world.

  1. Drink clean charged up water.  When our bodies begin to have an electric charge again, we can begin attracting our dreams into reality.  Have water ready, have a gallon everywhere you go, add minerals for extra electrolytes!
  2. Cut out the sugary food like bread and potatoes. Sugar effects your immune system more than you can imagine. Do everything you can do protect your immune system. Eat vitamin C!!! Snack on fruit!
  3. Eat raw, juiced, or steamed vegetables everyday, all day!! Alchelize!
  4. Massage yourself.  Start getting your hands stronger by giving yourself a massage everyday. Just start touching yourself!  If you feel any sore or sensitive areas, give those parts extra love and rub out any tension.
  5. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad or guilty. Do what you gotta do, clean, shower, sleep, do laundry. Set priorities and make sure your needs come before other people’s needs and desires.  If someone loves you, they will give you the freedom to take care of yourself.  Stay away from people who distract you. All about you now.
  6. Be passionate about something.  When you start to feel down and unmotivated, come back to your dreams and passions. Ask yourself “What’s one thing I can do right now to advance my dream?” How can I alter my reality to match up with my goals and aspirations?
  7. Feel sexy and fierce!

The world is ready to legalize marijuana

20 Apr

Happy 420 to all my cannabis lovers! Today we celebrate our appreciation for the the Cannabis Sativa plant. You can use it for medicine, you can use it for clothes or even plastic. In USA, states like Colorado, Oregon and Washington have all legalized recreational marijuana so it is not just limited to medical marijuana users anymore. Entire countries like Uruguay have legalized weed to sell in the pharmacies with government pricing. Countries like the United states have made it into big business as they see all the potential to be part of the billion dollar industry. The Aljazeera News all mentioned drug users like heroin and meth, which they think there needs to be more solutions rather than imprisonment. Many countries have decriminalized Cannabis but still have huge problems with real hardcore drugs like meth. There is no comparison to a meth user and a cannabis user. You can live a great life being a pot smoker or CBD pill popper. When it comes to drugs like meth, JUST DON’T DO IT!

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What issues should the U.N. bring up and what are your solutions to help people deal with their addictions? Feel free to comment!



Healthy ways to use Kombucha Tea

8 Apr

I have been so blessed to be able to try a variety of different local kombucha teas around the world. For this video, I go into more details about ways to use kombucha as a health tonic!  I even talk about how to use kombucha mushroom tea on your skin as a toner or to alchelize!  This healthy drink is so tasty its one of my favorites!  In this video I am trying the Tea of Life Kombucha which is local to Muizenburg, Near Cape Town South Africa. Every flavor  I have tried has been delicious and also medicinal. Probiotics are key to a balanced belly!  Please check out my Youtube Video for more info and please subscribe if you were educated in any way.

Blessings to your ongoing health journey! Little steps can go a long way with focus and dedication. ❤


GMO Giants get bigger with Merger

6 Feb


Miss Hayley Porter Explains…

31 Dec

Hayley Porter is an amazing woman with so much knowledge about health and healing techniques. She is also an iridologist who who is so talented at seeing people where they are at, and helping them through multiple health issues.  She is a passionate vegan, such an interesting character, and a beautiful pure soul that brings love and joy to the world.   Check out for so much education and alternative information about your body and mind.

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What is True Rebels Go Raw?

2 Oct

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New Currency Potential!! TSU

25 Sep

Join me on TSU!

Hey guys This is Roxy! I am so excited to tell you about a New type of Social Media that pays YOU to post. 90% of revenue for advertising research and advertising, will be divided among you and your TSU family!  It is invite only, so if I invite you, you become my child and anyone you invite becomes my grandchild.  The more active users you invite, the more revenue you will make long term!  This has some serious potential to even become a future currency, which is what the founders are looking forward to very soon. There’s already millions of users around the world, and many of them have already cashed in pay checks for their awesome content!  Check it out, and let me know if you have any questions! Join the True Rebels Go Raw family on TSU and beyond! Belssings!

Go SOuth Africa! GMO Potatoes Banned

20 Sep

SA bans GMO potatoes


Russia Bans All Genetically Modified Crops!

20 Sep

Russia Bans GMO for TSU and blog

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