Nopal Cactus Blood Sugar Savior

22 May


You may have heard of Prickly Pear but have you heard of Nopal Cactus?  I found out about Nopal Blood Sugar when I was fortunate enough to work for Healthforce Superfoods.  I was a was able to learn some good solid information on things like Spirulina and Klamath Lake Algae.  As I was consuming these ultra-organic products, my life began to change. My skin started to glow and my energy sky-rocketed. It took me a good 2 years to figure out the miracle of Nopal Blood Sugar. The power came in the consistency. I started taking about 2 capsules a day, with food.  After about a week, I noticed my digestion improve dramatically and my skin became softer. Everything started flowing and my health starting improving quickly.

I eat all organic fruits and veggies and sometimes I don’t feel very well if I eat too many fruits.  If I eat a lot of dried fruit like dried dates, I will notice my immune system starts to crash. So much of my vitality is related to my sugar intake. Cut out processed sugar now. It literally feeds the disease.  I use to pump my smoothies with a bunch of fruits and now I try to add only a few blueberries or a half of a banana. This has seemed to help along with adding a bunch of green juice into my daily diet.

3 grams is 10 calories so it can be a food source as well.  Health Force uses fermented tapioca as the filler, the only other ingredient.

Health Force Superfoods uses a special type of cactus called Opuntia Streptacantha, related to the prickly cactus family. The most common name is Nopal which means paddle, inspired by the shape of the flat “leaves” of the cactus plant.

Nopal cactus is high in mucilaginous fiber, so it helps your body digest food slowly. Fiber allows nutrients to be time released into the bloodstream. This is why drinking large amounts of fruit juice may be discouraged.  If you eat Nopal capsules with your high-sugar orange juice, this will allow your body to absorb the vitamins without spiking your blood sugar.

Nopal Cactus is filled with antioxidants and contains a unique phytonutrient, vitamin, and mineral profile.

Regrow your gums with Coconut Oil Pulling!

22 Jan

By now, many people have heard about the miracle benefits of using coconut oil for oral hygiene.   The basic concept is to just hold coconut oil in your mouth for at least 20 minutes a day, which will clean your teeth by pulling out the bacteria and fighting inflammation. Even if you did this for one week, you will notice your teeth feeling smoother, looking whiter and you should also experience less pain and irritation.

I personally did this regimen for a few weeks at a time but I never really stayed consistent enough to see the “miracle” I had heard about.

A few months ago I had a tooth situation where the dentist had to break my tooth and take it out in pieces.  The pain was intense but the combination of salt water rinses and coconut oil pulling helped the discomfort stay minimal. It helped me get through a few weeks but then I stopped doing the regimen because of business and travel.  This was a big mistake because one morning I was brushing(too hard) and all of a sudden I noticed the bone exposed by my gum in the area I had the tooth removed.   It was like I had a little piece of bone sticking out the side of my gum.  I got so scared I thought I would have to have some weird gum grafting surgery that would cost thousands of dollars and cause painful discomfort.  Nooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo!

I got online and started researching if there were any natural cures for “gum recession” and the first thing that came up was coconut nut oil pulling.  I was instantly convinced and starting coconut oil pulling immediately.  I got crazy about it and oil pulled with organic extra virgin unrefined coconut oil for like at least 30 minutes at a time,  twice a day.

A week later, my gum had healed over the exposed bone making my body safe from possible infection. I continued to use the coconut oil as an everyday mouth cleanser and my gums got better and better.  My gums were so thin in the area where my tooth was removed that I didn’t think anything could actually “regrow” gum tissue the way the coconut oil was doing.  With something that cost less the $10,  I was able to avoid going to the dental surgeon and wasting thousands of dollars of money I didn’t have.

I still have a long way when it comes to healing my teeth completely but I know that coconut oil pulling is the miracle that could probably regrow teeth and beyond.  If you have any miracle stories about how coconut oil pulling saved your mouth, please share!

If you need some extra information about coconut oil pulling please watch my YouTube video about it posted below!



Monsanto stock drops as merger with Bayer is “pending”

15 Sep

On September 14th, 2016, the CEO of  Monsanto and the CEO of Bayer announced that Bayer will be buying Monsanto and a bid of 66 billion dollars was accepted. It has now been one year since the announcement and the merger is still pending.  The European Union is the most skeptical and is investigating in depth the details of the potential merger.  The European Commission has until January 8th, 2018 to make a final decision on whether the merger will be beneficial for consumers, farmers and the world.

Monsanto Company is still very active on the stock exchange and just today the (MON) stock dropped a percent.  I decided to invest in Monsanto on my stock market game so I could track the ups and the downs.  Today the stock went down by just 1% which made me happy but then when I went to look at how the stock has done over the last 5 years, it seems to be in the increase since 2015.  I remember a time when there were so many March against Monsanto marches around the world that the biotech giant took a big hit at the stock exchange.

If the merger between Bayer and Monsanto gets approved by the governing forces of the world, Germany will then have access to one of America’s most controversial companies. Germany has been anti-GM in the past and this may be a way to control the potential for misuse. I haven’t done too much research on Bayer as a company so that will be the next step to try determine which direction the biotech industry may take as these two companies join forces. There needs to be new levels of public outrage over the experimentation of animals and the manipulation of the global food supply.  I feel a new sense of passion to educate consumers on how we can really take a stand against these huge monopolies. It is possible to take them down, one dollar at a time.  Vote with your money, do not support anything that may be genetically modified. Support local farmers, ethical companies and use most of your money on yourself to become the most healthy happy being possible!  Knowledge is power so continue to educate yourself and your community about the possible dangers of consuming genetically modified food.

Watch out for GMO Apples and Genetically Modified Salmon!

14 Sep

Even though it’s been a while since I’ve written about the GMO debate, the world of biotech science continues to progress with advancements we may not know about for years to come. It feels like we are so far into the manipulation that there may not be an end to the madness.  “Genetically modified organisms” began hitting the shelves in America over 20 years ago but the general public didn’t realize the impact at the time, they probably didn’t even know it was happening.

How it all started

According to, the first GMO food was the Flavr Savr tomato that was created in 1994 to last longer then conventional tomatoes.  Then “Monsanto first entered the maize seed business when it purchased 40% of Dekalb Genetics Corporation in 1996; it purchased the remainder of the corporation in 1998. That same year, Monsanto purchased Cargill’s international seed business, which gave it access to sales and distribution facilities in 51 countries. In 2005, it finalized the purchase of Seminis Inc, a leading global vegetable and fruit seed company, for $1.4 billion. This made it the world’s largest conventional seed company.” (Wikipedia)  Monsanto has now infiltrated on a global scale and it’s going to take the whole world to come together to stop the progression of the biotech industry.

GMO education is limited in the United States

Uneducated consumers are now living on GMO corn, soy, canola oil, sugar beets, potatoes and “non browning” apples will be hitting the shelves Fall 2017.  Are you guys ready to eat some genetically modified salmon?  The GM fish takes about half the time to grow full sized compared to regular salmon.  When consumers first heard about the possibilities of GM animals, most people were skeptical and too unfamiliar with the concept of altering an animals genes to be better for human consumption. The anti-GMO campaign is losing momentum and even though Europe is standing strong, America is just accepting anything that is cheap and edible.  With all the GMO awareness that was spread over the last few years, consumers are starting to forget the importance of eating organic non-GM food.  Grocery stores like Whole Foods and Natural Grocers showcase special labels to inform customers about non-GMO products.  The majority of Americans don’t shop at healthy grocery stores which means they are not getting exposed to special labeling or any education about the effects of eating GM food.

Food prices continue to rise

Everything is getting more expensive, especially good quality food products.  GMO labeling and product branding makes the cost of food sky rocket as companies spend millions of dollars on advertising and marketing efforts.  The gluten-free revolution has caused many products like quinoa, rice and corn to become extremely popular which increases demand and eventually the price.  Being healthy in America is reserved for the wealthy educated consumers who live in places with organic options. All the billionaire CEO’s of the world most likely don’t eat genetically modified fruits and vegetables. But they are the one’s that are trying to convince the masses that we must continue experimenting with GMO’s to help fight world hunger.

10 unnamed retailers in the Midwest will sell GMO apples

Okanagan Specialty Fruits is the company that will be producing these GMO fruits using the brand name Arctic Apples which will also include Golden Delicious, Granny Smith And Fuji apples. “Only 500, 40-pound boxes of the fruit will be sent to 10 unnamed retailers in the Midwest, says Okanagan. The fruit will not be explicitly identified as genetically modified, although this information can be found if the customer scans a QR computer code on the packaging. ” ( How many consumers are going to think to scan the QR computer code to find out if their apples are GMO or not?  The midwest includes states like North Dakota,  South Dakota, Wisconsin,  Nebraska and even Ohio.  The Midwest isn’t known for being progressive so chances are the majority of the people living in these states don’t even know what GMO means.  It’s very interesting that companies must spend more money getting certified NON-GMO but the company producing GMO apples doesn’t have to explicitly identify their product as being genetically modified. The lack of education in America is allowing companies to use the general public as one big experiment!

Canada has already begun consuming GMO salmon!

“Canadians have already consumed nearly five tons of GMO salmon, according to a report released in August by AquaBounty, the maker of AquAdvantage salmon. Canadian supermarkets have been stocking the fish since April, constituting “the very first sales of AquAdvantage salmon,” according to AquaBounty CEO Ronald Stotish, but consumers have not been kept abreast of where and when the fish is being sold.”( So we don’t know exactly where this new salmon product is sold, but we do know that some companies are taking a stand! “Two Canadian supermarket chains – IGA Quebec and Costco – have said that they will refuse to stock the GMO salmon.”  AquaBounty has now purchased a fish farming facility in Indiana and plans to expand into US by 2019.

If you have any information about where they sell these GMO Apples or Salmon, please comment and let everyone know which companies to avoid!  My passion has been reignited to bring GMO awareness to as many people as possible so we can take a stand and continue to be natural human beings!

Canola oil is for fueling machines!

17 Jul

“Canola was developed through conventional plant breeding from rapeseed, an oilseed plant already used in ancient civilization as a fuel.”  says Wikipedia.

The Wikipedia article goes on to explain that “World War 2 caused high demand for the oil as a lubricant for the rapidly increasing number of steam engines in naval and merchant ships. When the war blocked European and Asian sources of rapeseed oil, a critical shortage developed, and Canada began to expand its limited rapeseed production.”

Canola oil is fuel for machines, not for our bodies!  The first food that contained rapeseed oil was in the 1950’s and the intense flavor wasn’t initially accepted.  Your taste buds know when something isn’t good for you and there’s a reason why the original rapeseed oil had such an intense flavor! The erucic acid is so toxic that FDA banned rapeseed oil for human consumption.

“Canola was bred from rapeseed at the University of Manitoba, Canada, by Keith Downey and Baldur R. Stefansson in the early 1970s, having then a different nutritional profile than present-day oil in addition to much less erucic acid.”

After making canola oil taste less like erucic acid by using processes like genetic engineering and bleaching, people have adapted to the bland flavor of this created food staple. Canola oil must be a lot less expensive then real food grade oil because every restaurant in America seems to use canola oil to fry everything up.  I notice that on every Whole Foods hot bar, they use “non-gmo expeller pressed canola oil” making as if its the healthy option.  After all the processes the oil already goes through, it then gets heated up once again to make your food crispy and extra dead.

Wikipedia goes on to say that “Europe has invested heavily in infrastructure to use canola oil for biodiesel, spurred by EU biodiesel policy initiatives.”  I started doing some investigating of health effects but it seems like there’s lots of opinions to sift through! Check out True Rebels Go Raw for more information regarding the health effects of Canola on the human body.  

Canola oil at Whole foods



Should we support China’s moon take-over?

17 Jul

China has been on the verge of taking over South Africa, New Zealand and the rest of the world with their trillion dollar property investment fund. China has now declared the existence of the Lunar Palace 365 Project which is a sustainable space station that is expected to be on the moon by 2036!  There is currently a group of students that will be living in a testing station to prepare future missions to the moon.  I don’t think we should support China’s future plans to take over the moon or anywhere else because they just want to dominate the world and spread their beliefs.  Why hasn’t any other country decided to set up a space station on the moon? It doesn’t really seem like the best place to spend your life but it would be a cool point of view!  What can we actually do to stop the Chinese take over of the world?  Best thing you can do is to only support non Chinese products like local American products. Avoid buying from stores like Walmart and Sam’s Club because those big companies buy many products from China everyday! True Rebels Go Raw is all about supporting local farmers and companies so they can help lead the world into better times. Big companies have too much power because people are voting with their dollars everyday!  If you are American, only support companies that produce out of America so we can bring industry back to this country! I am from South Africa but I live in America so I support the continued wealth of the United States of America!  Come on guys, support locals and support yourselves!  Check my Youtube video I made as soon as I heard the news about the Lunar Palace 365 Project!

China – Moon Take-over – Lunar Palace 2036




How to highlight your hair naturally this Summer!

15 Jul

How to Highlight naturally video

Yay summer!  We are now well into Summer 2017 and its getting hott!!  I love being out in the sun just as much as everyone else!  When I moved to Costa Rica a few years back, I realized that my hair was getting so light while I was living at the ocean.  Between the combination of the salt water and the sun, my hair looked lighter even after on day out on the waves! I use to highlight my hair with some intense product using bleach and other dangerous chemicals.  We need to be reading labels before putting anything on our body, hair or skin!  Out skin is the biggest organ in the body and it soaks up all kinds of stuff from the environment. I just use hot water and either Himalayan salt or sea salt to soak into my hair before going out in the sun. You basically just fill a tub or basin with really hot water, add salt and let sit until warm. Once the water is at a comfortable temperature, either dunk your head in the salt water or use a brush to carefully comb through the strands you want highlighted.  While hair is still damp, go lay out in the sun and make sure you push your hair around so every strand sees the sun! Do this everyday until your hair is at the desired color!   This really works for me, I am a dirty blond in the winter but in the summer months my hair gets so light especially when I use the sea salt technique! I know some people use lemon juice but I think that the lemon makes your hair more yellow so let me know if you have tried other ways to highlight you hair!


Summer vibes, lathering up with coconut oil!

6 Jun

I have been obsessed with coconut oil for a few years now and it all started in Costa Rica. I drank my first real baby coconut which tasted like mother nature’s breast milk. I sucked down that creamy milk so quick I felt the nutrients immediately. I even tried to live on coconuts for a whole week!  The smell of coconut oil reminds me of summer!  This last winter in Colorado was one of the hardest winters of my life so I decided to move to the beach asap!  Now I am here at the beach, lathering up in organic coconut oil every day!  Some people may think that it’s not enough to actually protect your skin from the sun, but in fact coconut oil is SPF 7.   I made a Youtube video of me lathering up in my favorite oil! Make sure you get organic cold pressed coconut oil, your skin is important and you should only buy the best stuff for your body. I think I get more Omega 3 oils from putting coconut oil on my skin as appose to eating it. When you eat any kind of oil or food, your liver has to process it and many people have over worked their liver. Make it easier for your body by healing through your skin!  My skin glows when I lather up in coconut oil, jump in the ocean and spend time in the sun. The combination between the sun, the salt and the oil heals my skin quickly! check out my Youtube channel True Rebels Go Raw for more information about coconut oil and other health related topics!  Thanks for reading, Ill be back soon!  I’m heading to the beach!

How to Use Coconut oil for sun protection

Ways to help yourself every day

26 Aug

So much change happening! Do you feel it?

I’m all dived in and ready for anything.  As much as I love helping people and being the best person I can be, it’s time to focus everything on me.  I have spent a few years trying to figure out how to love my self and what this whole self care thing is all about.  I’m at the point where I have no choice but to set priorities and actually do what I say.  Here’s a few ways that help me feel better, look better and help me deal with this crazy world.

  1. Drink clean charged up water.  When our bodies begin to have an electric charge again, we can begin attracting our dreams into reality.  Have water ready, have a gallon everywhere you go, add minerals for extra electrolytes!
  2. Cut out the sugary food like bread and potatoes. Sugar effects your immune system more than you can imagine. Do everything you can do protect your immune system. Eat vitamin C!!! Snack on fruit!
  3. Eat raw, juiced, or steamed vegetables everyday, all day!! Alchelize!
  4. Massage yourself.  Start getting your hands stronger by giving yourself a massage everyday. Just start touching yourself!  If you feel any sore or sensitive areas, give those parts extra love and rub out any tension.
  5. Don’t let anyone make you feel bad or guilty. Do what you gotta do, clean, shower, sleep, do laundry. Set priorities and make sure your needs come before other people’s needs and desires.  If someone loves you, they will give you the freedom to take care of yourself.  Stay away from people who distract you. All about you now.
  6. Be passionate about something.  When you start to feel down and unmotivated, come back to your dreams and passions. Ask yourself “What’s one thing I can do right now to advance my dream?” How can I alter my reality to match up with my goals and aspirations?
  7. Feel sexy and fierce!

The world is ready to legalize marijuana

20 Apr

Happy 420 to all my cannabis lovers! Today we celebrate our appreciation for the the Cannabis Sativa plant. You can use it for medicine, you can use it for clothes or even plastic. In USA, states like Colorado, Oregon and Washington have all legalized recreational marijuana so it is not just limited to medical marijuana users anymore. Entire countries like Uruguay have legalized weed to sell in the pharmacies with government pricing. Countries like the United states have made it into big business as they see all the potential to be part of the billion dollar industry. The Aljazeera News all mentioned drug users like heroin and meth, which they think there needs to be more solutions rather than imprisonment. Many countries have decriminalized Cannabis but still have huge problems with real hardcore drugs like meth. There is no comparison to a meth user and a cannabis user. You can live a great life being a pot smoker or CBD pill popper. When it comes to drugs like meth, JUST DON’T DO IT!

Please subscribe to my Youtube Channel and check back for more news on the legalization of cannabis around the world! THANK YOU!


What issues should the U.N. bring up and what are your solutions to help people deal with their addictions? Feel free to comment!


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